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Words by Mercy Gloria Ashepet

Decolonise Nature Weekend at the AfricaMuseum

The Decolonize Nature student team of the Honours Programme TDI of the University of Leuven Belgium, invite you to attend the ‘Decolonise nature weekend’, an interactive weekend intended to challenge the dominant academic views of ‘nature’ by drawing attention to indigenous knowledge. With a group of 11 international students from different nationalities, disciplines and education levels we have been discussing the concept of ‘nature’ beyond current academic models which too often neglect and marginalise indigenous models of defining and approaching nature. 

We plan different sessions where we can exchange and reflect on indigenous ontologies and epistemologies of nature and want to co-create a decolonised vision of nature. This event is free and open for everyone but limited slots are available! kindly register here  by the 8th of May 2022.

Please bear in mind that the activities planned are all in-person and therefore you would be expected to physically be present at the AfricaMuseum.

Find out more about the virtual introductory MuseumTalk here and register here

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